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1 2017 Land deals for social housing in Tecámac and Zumpango: An evaluation of inclusiveness in the peri-urban area of Mexico City Metropolitan Area
Smit, W.G.R. van Noorloos, H.J.
2 2017 Konza Techno City and Its Impact on Surrounding Local Communities
Diky Avianto, . van Noorloos, Femke
3 2017 Land as a life force. A study of the gendered role of land in the livelihoods of the population in Xaifongneua, peri-urban Vientiane Capital
Duin, E.H. van Nijenhuis, G.
4 2017 Sustainable Tourism Development in the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site, Ghana.
Brinks, R.J. Van Noorloos, Femke
5 2017 An analysis of the effects of refugees on household adaptive capacity in Kagera, Tanzania
Bulder, J.M. Nijenhuis, G.
6 2017 Sa Diyos ang himaya: An ethnographic study of the intersection between faith and development in a FBO in the Philippines.
Spoel, A. van der van Noorloos, Dr. H.J.
7 2017 Capacity Development between two nations through relationship
Kim, Y. Leung, Maggi
8 2017 Land investments and food security: The role of local governments - An investigation into the role local governments play in land investments in the horticulture sector in Uganda while ...
Boneschansker, B.J. Otsuki, K.
9 2017 The Effects of Female Return Migration on Gender Equality Within the Vietnamese Household
Pluijm, S. van der Leung, W.H.M.
10 2017 Motivations to obtain a PhD abroad and return upon completion, Experiences from Hué, Vietnam
Boelen, M.E. Leung, W.H.M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 240 pag. 12 3 4 5 6