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1 2017 The M-Word: Assessing the appropriateness of the menstrual cup as a tool for the menstrual hygiene management of girls in Siaya County, Kenya
Geut, R. Rammelt, C.
2 2017 Land deals for social housing in Tecámac and Zumpango: An evaluation of inclusiveness in the peri-urban area of Mexico City Metropolitan Area
Smit, W.G.R. van Noorloos, H.J.
3 2017 Konza Techno City and Its Impact on Surrounding Local Communities
Diky Avianto, . van Noorloos, Femke
4 2017 Land as a life force. A study of the gendered role of land in the livelihoods of the population in Xaifongneua, peri-urban Vientiane Capital
Duin, E.H. van Nijenhuis, G.
5 2017 Sustainable Tourism Development in the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site, Ghana.
Brinks, R.J. Van Noorloos, Femke
6 2017 An analysis of the effects of refugees on household adaptive capacity in Kagera, Tanzania
Bulder, J.M. Nijenhuis, G.
7 2017 Sa Diyos ang himaya: An ethnographic study of the intersection between faith and development in a FBO in the Philippines.
Spoel, A. van der van Noorloos, Dr. H.J.
8 2017 Capacity Development between two nations through relationship
Kim, Y. Leung, Maggi
9 2017 Land investments and food security: The role of local governments - An investigation into the role local governments play in land investments in the horticulture sector in Uganda while ...
Boneschansker, B.J. Otsuki, K.
10 2017 The Effects of Female Return Migration on Gender Equality Within the Vietnamese Household
Pluijm, S. van der Leung, W.H.M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 241 pag. 12 3 4 5 6