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1 2017 Sustainable Tourism Development in the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site, Ghana.
Brinks, R.J. Van Noorloos, Femke
2 2017 An analysis of the effects of refugees on household adaptive capacity in Kagera, Tanzania
Bulder, J.M. Nijenhuis, G.
3 2017 Sa Diyos ang himaya: An ethnographic study of the intersection between faith and development in a FBO in the Philippines.
Spoel, A. van der van Noorloos, Dr. H.J.
4 2017 Capacity Development between two nations through relationship
Kim, Y. Leung, Maggi
5 2017 Land investments and food security: The role of local governments - An investigation into the role local governments play in land investments in the horticulture sector in Uganda while ...
Boneschansker, B.J. Otsuki, K.
6 2017 The Effects of Female Return Migration on Gender Equality Within the Vietnamese Household
Pluijm, S. van der Leung, W.H.M.
7 2017 Motivations to obtain a PhD abroad and return upon completion, Experiences from Hué, Vietnam
Boelen, M.E. Leung, W.H.M.
8 2017 Role of Women & Youth in Family Businesses
Kappetijn, L.M. Otsuki, K.
9 2017 Whatever you did for these brothers and sisters of mine, A study of the Christian NGOs in Cairo assisting the Sudanese refugees and the integration of those refugees in Cairo.
Strengholt, R.M.G. Nijenhuis, G.
10 2017 Upward social mobility in South Africa: the case of Bloemfontein - Future prospects for inequalities between rich and poor in the light of a growing black middle- and upper class ...
Polwijk, N. Zoomers, Prof. dr. E.B.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 237 pag. 12 3 4 5 6