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1 2017 The Difference in Experienced Distress Between Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy and the Effects of Distress on Treatment Outcome
Vissers, E. Danner, U N
2 2018 Countering Stimulus Renewal by Decreasing the Aversiveness of the Feared Stimulus
Keywords: -
Aben, B.G. Hagenaars, M. A.
3 2018 The impact of intensive trauma-focused treatment on the severity of post-traumatic stress disorder
Keywords: -
Wouters, L. Sleijpen, M.
4 2017 Reducing Reinstatement of Fear: the Effectiveness of Positive Valence Training
Boon, W.J.A.M. van Dis, E.
5 2017 The Impact of Time on Human Fear Generalization: An Experimental Study
Pijl, A.J. van der Leer, A.
6 2017 Psychosis, choice to be alone and loneliness. An Experience Sampling Method investigation of the association between choice to be alone and feelings of loneliness in people with non-af ...
As, C.J. Van van Valen, E.
7 2017 The relation between reversal learning and adaptive functioning in autism spectrum disorder
Kessels, T. Appels, M.C.M., Bos, D.J., Oranje, B.
8 2017 The impact of being with friends vs. strangers on paranoia in psychosis: An Experience Sampling Method (ESM) study on the relationship between nature of company and experiences of mome ...
Eemers, M. Valen, E. van, Fett, A.J.
9 2017 On EMDR: Comparing three eye movement tasks on reducing emotionality and vividness of aversive memories
Logtestijn, A.M.L. van Mertens, G., Montijn, N.D.
10 2017 Day-treatment Program for Traumatic Grief in Refugees: Effectiveness and Predictors of Outcome.
Fraaij, K.J. Djelantik, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 1137 pag. 12 3 4 5 6