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1 2018 Does modality-specific working memory taxation matter?
Thodé, T.J.A. van den Hout, M.
2 2017 An experimental study on the effect of social support during trauma treatment
Heuvel, N.L.B. van den van den Hout, M.A.
3 2017 The influence of EMDR on conditioned disgust
Besnard, Y.J.M. Engelhard, I.M., Montijn, N.D., Landkroon, E.
4 2017 Identifying profiles of post-treatment functioning among patients treated for psychotrauma related complaints
Leenstra, R.V. Boelen, Prof. Dr. P.
5 2017 The moderating role of task aversiveness on the relation between trait self-control and study behavior
Soons, A.I.M.O. Gillebaart, M., Gestel, L.C. van
6 2017 Individual Differences in Contextual Fear Generalisation: Harm Avoidance and Fear Responses
Cozzi, J.C. Kennis, M, Sep, M
7 2017 Predictors of Response to Psychological Treatment in Somatoform Disorders: A Meta-analysis
Lieftink, S.E. Geenen, R.
8 2017 The Effect of Positive Mental Time Travel on Positive Affect in Major Depressed Patients
Verstoep, M.M. Boelen, P.
9 2017 Choosing healthy to impress: The role of social context on health choices.
Steenkamp, M.F. Steinmetz, J.
10 2017 Coping with the negative affective state: Emotion regulation and negative urgency in unipolar and bipolar depression
Norden, E. van Danner, U.N.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 1121 pag. 12 3 4 5 6