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1 2015 How do remittances and gender constitute each other in the transnational circuits that connect Cuenca in Ecuador and New York City in the United States?
Dobrová, V. Kruijf, H. de
2 2012 Favela Aesthetics: The Representation of the Rio de Janeiro Favela in the Visual Arts
Kalkman, A.S. Koonings, Kees
3 2012 You are what you Eat
Verhagen, M. Kruijf, Hans de
4 2012 A Dystopic Climate for Transitional Justice
Phillips-Amos, G.L.J. Koonings, Kees
5 2012 Perceptions and Responses to Climate Change in Paramaribo, Surinam
Vries, C. de Koonings, Kees
6 2012 Fair Trade Coffee: Perceptions of the Fair Trade coffee growers of Marsella
Andrea, P. Koonings, Kees
7 2012 Contemporary Christian Music in the Dominican Republic
Denissen, S.J.A.M. Kruijf, Hans de
8 2012 “It could be anyone, but…”: Othering in a context of crime, fear and segregation in São Paulo.
Berge, S.M. van den Glebbeek, Marie-Louise
9 2010 International Gold Mining, Rondas Campesinas, and the Transformation of Structure in Rural Cajamarca, Peru.
Joles, D.A. Rasch, Elisabet
10 2010 Family matters. Finding yourself as an Arab Muslim in Argentina.
Buitenkamp, C.L. Koonings, Kees
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 73 pag. 12 3 4 5 6