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1 2017 The effect of overloading the memory capacity on rule learning
Schagen, J. van Avrutin, S, Wijnen, F. N. K.
2 2017 Phoneme Categorisation in 20-Month-Old Infants with a Familial Risk of Dyslexia
Bax, L. Chen, A.
3 2017 The Semantics and Pragmatics of the Modern Greek Perfect
Tsouloucha, E. Swart, H. de
4 2017 Triggering Awareness in Second Language Acquisition
Graaf, S. de Andringa, S.J., Bruyn, B.S.W. Le
5 2017 The effect of verb tense on mental simulation elicited by literary narratives
Eekhof, L.S. Eerland, A., Willems, R.M.
6 2017 Topics in Dutch imperatives
Alem, A.H.J. van Corver, N.F.M., Barbiers, L.C.J.
7 2017 Rhythmic Class and Vowel Discrimination: The Effect of Language Pair on Bilinguals’ Performance
Kremin, L.V.D.V. Kager, R.W.J.
8 2017 “I’m happy I chose this study program!”: Influence of first-person perspective narratives on future students’ attitude towards a study program
Montfort, M.J.E. van Eerland, A.
9 2017 The Ditransitive Learnability Problem: First language acquisition of active and passive ditransitive constructions in Dutch and English
Koutamanis, E.K.A. Coopmans, P.H.A.
10 2017 Cumulative Semantic Interference in People with Aphasia
Hart, P.W. Terband, Hayo
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 191 pag. 12 3 4 5 6