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1 2009 An articulographical analysis of age-related speaker variaton
Brenk, Frits van Maassen, Ben, Terband, Hayo, Quené, Hugo
2 2009 Clefts and Wh-Question Formation in Cypriot Greek
Keywords: Cypriot Greek, clefts
Panagidou, Fryni Corver, Norbert
3 2008 Language assessment in multilingual children: the Non-word Repetition Task
Linden, Marijke van der Bree, Elise de, Gerrits, Ellen
4 2008 Language Transfer in English Word Order Acquisition of Turkish – Dutch Bilinguals. Is it from their L1 or L2?
Onar, Pelin Unsworth, Sharon
5 2008 Auxiliary Selection and Telicity
Keywords: auxiliary, telicity
Weigand, S. Nilsen, Øystein
6 2008 Uniqueness and weak definites in Spanish. An eye-tracking experiment
Aguilar Guevara, A. Swart, Henriëtte de
7 2008 Tak and Kok in Javanese Language
Widhyasmaramurti, W. Philip, W.C.H.
8 2008 Long-distance relativization in varieties of Dutch
Keywords: relativization
Boef, Eefje Barbiers, Sjef
9 2008 The Acquisition of the Weak Crossover Constraint : Evidence from Dutch Preschool Children
Ziel, Marie-Elise van der Philip, William
10 2008 Statistical cues affect phonetic discrimination in Dutch infants
Capel, Desiree J.H. Wijnen, Frank, Bree, Elise de, Kerkhoff, Annemarie
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 153 pag. 12 3 4 5 6