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1 2008 The social role of the writer as enacted in the (literary) life of Roberto Bolaño and represented in his novels
Nacheva, Ana G. Rigney, Ann
2 2008 Talking Transgender: Travelling in a Corporeal Landscape
Bruining, D. Kaiser, B.M.
3 2008 (Re)Claiming Agency in Language: The Case of the Contemporary African American Slave Narrative
Miles, E. Rigney, A.
4 2008 Connecting Cultures: Intercultural Dialogue and the Blogosphere
Osch, Ingrid van Ponzanesi, Sandra
5 2008 Narrating the Empire: Nationalism, Memory and Gender in Arab Postcolonial Novel, the Case of Tayyib Salleh’s Season of Migration to the North, Mohammed Berrada’s The Game of Forget ...
El Khairat, A. Medeiros, P. de
6 2007 Fanciful Fictions: The Fashioning of Authorship in Two Elizabethan Novels
Leder, Renate Hoenselaars, Ton, Hendrix, Harald
7 2007 Coming to Terms with a Changing Nineteenth-Century Society: The Experiments of Emily Dickinson with Broadening the Horizon, With a Look at those of William Wordsworth and Friedrich Nie ...
Bultman, S. Rubin, D.
8 2007 the representation of the past in modern turkish fiction:conceptualizing history in tutunamayanlar and ölmeye yatmak
Yaltir, Selvin Rigney, Ann
9 2007 La evolución del personaje Sancho Panza en Miguel de Cervantes (XVII), continuaciones del siglo XVII al XX y Andrés Trapiello (XXI)
Lau, Yuri Wim John Carrillo, Elena
10 2007 Dearly Beloved...and Departed: Reevaluating the Narrative of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables Series
Knoppert, Vivianne Brillenburg-Wurth, Kiene
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 41 pag. 12 3 4 5