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1 2017 New measures in morphosyntactic development of children with developmental language disorders using spontaneous language sample analysis: a study of TARSP-P
Terwindt, B.A.M. Gerrits, E.
2 2016 The feasibility of morphosyntax therapy in young children with SLI
Boekel, E.A.M. Gerrits, prof. E
Hersbach, H.J.P. Gerrits, P.A.M., Zwitserlood, R.
4 2017 The effectiveness of device-driven Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) in total laryngectomy patients; A pilot study
Kornman, A.F. Remijn, Dr. L, van der Molen, Dr. L
5 2017 Speech assessment in the mother tongue of multilingual children suspected of having a speech sound disorder: an exploratory study
Hoop, W.D. de Blumenthal, M., Isarin, J., Zwitserlood, R.L.M.
6 2017 Efficacy of a Parent Program on Parent Communication in School-Aged Children with Developmental Language Disorders, a Pilot Study
Tilburg, F. van Scheper, A.R.
7 2017 The psychometric properties of the Dutch Naming Test II
Hilster, C.M. de van Ewijk, dr. L.
8 2016 Speech Evaluation in Patients Treated for Oral Cancer: a 5-year Prospective Study
Joosten, M.J. Speksnijder, C.M.
9 2016 A picture naming test for Dutch adults: DNT-II
Jessurun, M.Y. Ewijk, L. van
10 2016 Two mastication tests used in children with Down Syndrome: a feasibility study.
Veld, W.J.A. in 't Engel-Hoek, L. van den
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 120 pag. 12 3 4 5 6