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1 2016 The Influence of Question Order on Data Quality, Reliability and Validity of Scales in Web Surveys
Kuiper, B.G.C.E. Toepoel, V.
2 2016 The Effect of Coding Practice on Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios
Prins, M.J. Delden, A. van
3 2016 A comparison of the lower bounds to the reliabilities of factor score estimators
Schipper, N.C. de Hessen, Dr. D.J.
4 2016 Evaluating estimation quality after automatic statistical data editing processes
Rijnveld, L.J. Pannekoek, Prof.dr. J., Loo, Dr. M. van der
5 2016 Test-Taking Heuristics and Biases as Potential Threats to Test Score Validity
Koh Chong Hua, I. Maris, G.
6 2016 Monitoring Crime-Related Feelings of Unsafety with Social Media Data
Bollwerk, M. Heijden, Prof.dr. P.G.M. van der, Cruyff, Dr. M.J.L.F.
7 2016 Bayesian analysis to adjust for unmeasured confounding
Shofty, I. Groenwold, Dr. R.H.H., Klugkist, Prof.Dr. I.G.
8 2016 Towards estimation of individual causal effects: The use of a prior for the correlation between potential outcomes
Smink, W.A.C. Vink, Dr. G., Buuren, Prof.dr. S. van
9 2016 Predictive performance of multinomial logistic prediction models – a simulation study
Jong, V.M.T. de Eijkemans, Prof. Dr. Ir. M.J.C., Smeden, Dr. M. van
10 2016 Replication of Cohen’s d: Quantifying Evidence using the Bayes Factor
Kroonenberg, M.D. Hoijtink, H.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 32 pag. 12 3 4