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1 2017 Sequential co-enrollment in randomized clinical trials (RCTs): A comparison of statistical models to estimate treatment effects in small populations
Yoder, W.R. Groenwold, Dr. R., Rietbergen, Dr. C.
2 2017 k-Nearest Neighbor and Ratio Imputation under Logical Restrictions
Vogelaar, M.H.J. Waal, Prof.Dr. T. de, Pannekoek, Dr. J.
3 2017 Are Classification Images Accurate Enough? A Reverse Correlation Simulation Study
Torrubia Ollero, I. Schoot, Dr. R. van de, Brinkman, Dr. L.
4 2017 Big Data Use in Official Statistics: It's About Time
Tichem, L.W. Daas, Dr. P.
5 2017 Real Time Performance Monitoring in Serious Gaming
Steinrücke, J. Fox, Prof.Dr. J.-P.
6 2017 Validation of a validation tool - Comparing the outcome of manual validation with Evidencio’s validation tool
Steenbeek, C.D. van Siesling, Prof. Dr. S., Koffijberg, Dr. H.
7 2017 Statistical Modeling Choices in Biomarker-based Validation Studies: A Systematic Review, Case Study and Simulation Study
Sijbrandij, J.J. Boshuizen, Prof.Dr. H., Geelen, Dr. A.
8 2017 Generating missing values for simulation purposes: A multivariate amputation procedure
Schouten, R.M. Lugtig, Dr. P., Vink, Dr. G.
9 2017 De-weighting Plausible Values in International Large-Scale Assessment: A new method for reducing measurement variance.
Schipper, E. de Feskens, Dr. R.
10 2017 Dimensions of Mental Health: Integrating Psychopathology and Subjective Well-Being Measures to Increase Power in Gene Studies
Poortvliet, R. Berg, Dr. S. van den, Glas, Prof.Dr. C., Hout, Prof.Dr. M. van den
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 52 pag. 12 3 4 5 6