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1 2017 Climate and ecosystem change across the Eocene–Oligocene transition at ODP Site 959, eastern tropical Atlantic
Kip, E.L. Sluijs, A, Peterse, F, Cramwinckel, M.J.
2 2017 Hypoxia in the Stockholm Archipelago during the last three millennia: natural factors versus human influence
Vollebregt, A. Slomp, C.P. Slomp, Helmond, N.A.G.M. van
3 2017 Late-Paleocene paleoenvironmental and temperature changes at Point Margaret, South-East Australia, derived from dinoflagellate cysts, isotope and organic biomarker analyses
Rem, C.C.M. Bijl, P.K.
4 2018 The perfect storm: can sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) strandings in the North Sea be linked to storm activity?
Nielen, J.H. Leopold, M.F.
5 2017 Impact of climate change on temperature-related growth potential of juvenile fish in the western Dutch Wadden Sea
Volwater, J.J.J. Philippart, C.J.M., van der Veer, H.W.
6 2017 The effect of nano-PS particles and car tire particles on benthic freshwater macroinvertebrates
Ruijter, V.N. de Philippart, Katja, Koelmans, Bart, Redondo-Hasselerharm, Paula
7 2017 Testing for oceanographic controls on Neogene TEX86 temperatures in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic
Laan, K.J. van der Sluijs, A., Heydt, A.S. von der, Weijst, C.M.H. van der, Peterse, F.
8 2017 Diet and maximum size of Queen conch (Lobatus gigas) around the island of Curaçao
Sanchez Barranco, V. Philippart, Dr. Ir C.J.M., van Duyl, Dr. F.C.
9 2017 The effect of light and temperature on Arctic virus-phytoplankton interactions
Wesdorp, P.M. Sangiorgi, F.
10 2017 Nudging the Arctic Ocean to quantify Arctic sea ice feedbacks
Dekker, E. Sangiorgi, F., van de Berg, W. J., Bintanja, R., Severijns, C.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 22 pag. 12 3