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1 2009 Gheraert Appelmans' Glose op den Pater Noster. An exploratory literary investigation on a remarkable Middle Dutch mystical text in the context of late-medieval spiritual developments ...
Kolk, Netty van der Wackers, Paul, Aelst, José van
2 2008 Inscriptions and Communication in Anglo-Saxon England AD 600-900
Guerra, Laura Mostert, Marco
3 2008 Flows of Literature.:The Rhine-Maas Area: a Literary Kulturraum?
Bruijn, Elisabeth de Wackers, Paul, Bastert, Bernd
4 2008 The commemoration of saints at late medieval York Minster; three case studies
Visser, Fenna Rose, Els, Bueren, Truus van
5 2007 Disability in the Middle Ages: Representations of Physical Impairment in Medieval English Romances
Keywords: Disability, Romance
Kinderen, Di-jonne der Kooper, Erik, Putter, Ad
6 2007 Performers at the court of the counts of Holland,Zeeland and Hainault in the fourteenth century
Klomp, M. van den Hoven van Genderen, A.J.
7 2007 Of Kings and Giants
Keywords: Pseudo-Turpin
Siljee, Rinske (Kinge) Brandsma, Frank
8 2007 The Image of saint Dominic in Dominican Sermons (XIII-XV)
Negoi, Lidia Mostert, Marco
9 2007 Witnessing to her Position: Female Attestations in Mercian Charters c. 767-919 and the Social Position of Anglo-Saxon Women
Reeuwijk, Margaretha Johanna Meens, Rob, Adamska, Anna
10 2007 In Divinis Scripturis Legitur: Monastic Ideals and the Use of the Bible in the Gesta Sanctorum Rotonensium
Kramer, Rutger Daniël Jong, Mayke de, Smith, Julia, Rhijn, Carine van
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 59 pag. 12 3 4 5 6