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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2015 Bayesian Assessment of Parent-Offspring Models using Item Data
Otermann, B. Berg, S. M. van den
2 2014 Distinguishing Between-Person Constructs from Within-Person Constructs in Structural Equation Modeling
Zijlmans, E.A.O. Hamaker, E.L.
3 2014 Statistical Properties of Subgroup Analyses in Overall Non-Significant Clinical Trials with Dichotomous Outcomes
Smid, S.C. Tanniou, J., Tweel, I. van der, Roes, K.
4 2014 Cognitive Diagnostic Testing Using Calibrated Hypotheses
Sies, A.M.A. Hoijtink, H.J.A., Aarts, H.
5 2014 Time series analysis of nanoparticle exposure data: A Bayesian multilevel model
Schutter, K. Klein Entink, R., Hoijtink, H.J.A.
6 2014 Extending Bayesian analysis of circular data to comparison of multiple groups
Mulder, K.T. Klugkist, I.G.
7 2014 The recurrent events model for population size estimation
McCool, D.M. Cruyff, M.J.L.F.
8 2014 Combining Statistical Evidence from Multiple Studies Using Bayesian Evaluation of Inequality Contrained Hypotheses: Can Learning or Control Better Predict Trust?
Kooten, P. van Hoijtink, H.J.A.
9 2014 MANCOVA for latent dependent variables under different forms of measurement invariance
Kessels, R. Hessen, D.J.
10 2014 Assessing a Bayesian Embedding Approach to Circular Regression Models
Cremers, J. Klugkist, I.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 46 pag. 12 3 4 5