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1 2016 An increase in welfare chauvinism? The role of socio-economic status, egalitarianism and ethnic threat
Kros, M. Coenders, Dr. M., Martinovic, Dr. B.
2 2016 Emotional and behavioural problems of Western and non-Western immigrant and native adolescents: Exploring the mediating role of family affluence, parental and peer support
Chakibi, S. Stevens, Dr. G., Thijs, Dr. J.
3 2016 Religion and integration: Does immigrant generation matter? The case of Moroccan and Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands
Beek, M. Fleischmann, Dr. F., Maliepaard, Dr. M.
4 2016 The Effect of Settlement Intentions on Immigrants’ Integration: The case of recently arrived EU migrants in the Netherlands
Wachter, G.G. Fleischmann, Dr. F., Maliepaard, Dr. M.
5 2016 “Feeling like a stranger in my own neighborhood”: The relation between ethnic diversity and social belonging
Mulder, L.E.M. Verkuyten, Prof. dr. M., Smeekes, Dr. Anouk
6 2016 Preadolescents’ ethnic identification placed in context: The role of classroom norms and ethnic class composition
Gharaei, N. Thijs, Dr. J., Verkuyten, Prof. Dr. M.
7 2016 National and European Union identification: The divisive role of economic and cultural threat perceptions
Fischmann, J. Coenders, Dr. M., Fleischmann, Dr. F.
8 2016 Alcohol drinking among first- and second-generation immigrant and native adolescents in 23 countries: Exploring the role of origin and receiving country alcohol prevalence rates ...
Barsties, L.S. Stevens, Dr. G., Coenders, Dr. M.
9 2016 Acculturation and Psychological Adjustments: A Longitudinal Study among Immigrants in the Netherlands
Zhang, S. Verkuyten, Prof. Dr. M., Fleischmann, Dr. F.
10 2016 Multilingualism and outgroup acceptance: The mediating roles of cognitive flexibility and deprovincialisation.
Mepham, K.D. Martinovic, Dr. B., Verkuyten, Prof. Dr. M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 89 pag. 12 3 4 5 6