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1 2017 The “Gardening States”: Comparing State Repression of Ethnic Minority Groups in Turkey and the Soviet Union, 1908-1945
Heijs, W.D.R. Üngör, U.U.
2 2017 THE USE OF IRANIAN STATE VIOLENCE AND COERCION IN 1979-1989; How the Iranian state tried to control its political opponents with violence and coercion through the prisons, the judiciar ...
Westerweele, A.M. Üngör, U. Ü.
3 2017 Escaping, experiencing, and challenging modernity in modern dance culture: How translating the American modern dance culture enabled Dutch dancers to reflect on the modernisation of th ...
Dirven, P.E.A.M. Ruberg, W.G.
4 2017 The Perpetrator as Citizen: Self-identification from National Hero to Victimised Subject
Hooft, F.B. Ümit Üngör, U.
5 2017 Bearers of the safety net. The influence of social service organisations on the social rights of social assistance recipients in the Netherlands (1982-1998)
Rodenburg, J. Heerma van Voss, L.
6 2017 The Shanghai Municipal Police. An early facilitator of international intelligence cooperation, 1925-1937
Reumer, C.J. De Graaff, Prof. dr. B.G.J.
7 2017 Project(ing) Europe: How filmstrips depicted the story of European integration to Dutch schoolchildren in the early post-war years: a perspective on concepts of Europe between 1950 and ...
Wijk, S. van Eijnatten, J. van
8 2016 Selecting the past: The relationship between archives, memory and history investigated through NIOD’s war diary collection (1944 – 2010)
Leeuwen, S.P. van Tames, Ismee
9 2016 Patriotism, professionalization and personal development Conflicting visions of science in Dutch scientific societies, 1752-1900
Dekker, H.J.T. Mijnhardt, prof. dr. W.W., Theunissen, prof. dr. L.T.G.
10 2016 'Het Redres der Finantiën'. Public Finance and Economic Reform during the Batavian Revolution
Berg, A.M.D. van den Jonker, J., Gelderblom, O.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 36 pag. 12 3 4