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1 2017 The Shifting of American Collective Memory: Remembering the Civil War Along the Mason-Dixon Line
Bongers, J.M. De Haan, Prof. Dr. I.
2 2017 The “Gardening States”: Comparing State Repression of Ethnic Minority Groups in Turkey and the Soviet Union, 1908-1945
Heijs, W.D.R. Üngör, U.U.
3 2017 THE USE OF IRANIAN STATE VIOLENCE AND COERCION IN 1979-1989; How the Iranian state tried to control its political opponents with violence and coercion through the prisons, the judiciar ...
Westerweele, A.M. Üngör, U. Ü.
4 2017 Escaping, experiencing, and challenging modernity in modern dance culture: How translating the American modern dance culture enabled Dutch dancers to reflect on the modernisation of th ...
Dirven, P.E.A.M. Ruberg, W.G.
5 2017 The Perpetrator as Citizen: Self-identification from National Hero to Victimised Subject
Hooft, F.B. Ümit Üngör, U.
6 2017 Bearers of the safety net. The influence of social service organisations on the social rights of social assistance recipients in the Netherlands (1982-1998)
Rodenburg, J. Heerma van Voss, L.
7 2017 The Shanghai Municipal Police. An early facilitator of international intelligence cooperation, 1925-1937
Reumer, C.J. De Graaff, Prof. dr. B.G.J.
8 2017 Project(ing) Europe: How filmstrips depicted the story of European integration to Dutch schoolchildren in the early post-war years: a perspective on concepts of Europe between 1950 and ...
Wijk, S. van Eijnatten, J. van
9 2016 Selecting the past: The relationship between archives, memory and history investigated through NIOD’s war diary collection (1944 – 2010)
Leeuwen, S.P. van Tames, Ismee
10 2016 Patriotism, professionalization and personal development Conflicting visions of science in Dutch scientific societies, 1752-1900
Dekker, H.J.T. Mijnhardt, prof. dr. W.W., Theunissen, prof. dr. L.T.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 37 pag. 12 3 4