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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2018 T-cell education towards self and non-self HLA: an overview of HLA-DP.
Jong, M.R.W. de Spierings, E.
2 2018 Recognition of LPS by TLR4: potential for anti-inflammatory therapies
Hofland, T. Nijland, R.
3 2017 Mapping the Neuronal Cytoskeleton with Expansion Microscopy
Batenburg, V. van Katrukha, E. A.
4 2015 Telomerase Assays A review and comparison of several telomerase activity assays.
Schwartzenberg en Hohenlansberg, L.T. thoe Post, Ph.D., Jan A.
5 2015 Novel insights in the lipopolysaccharide transport system of Gram-negative bacteria
Huis in 't Veld, R.V. Putker, Florian, Tommassen, Jan
6 2014 The persistent enigma of the Namibian dessert fairy circles.
Tamvakis, I. ten Tusscher, Kirsten
7 2014 The bactericidal mechanism of the complement membrane attack complex
Ootes, L. Rooijakkers, S.H.M
8 2014 A risk assessment of MERS-CoV compared to SARS-CoV.
Geenen, M.E.D. van Bosch, B.J., Groot, R.J. de
9 2014 BAF chromatin remodeling complex specificity during early neural development
Luca, K.L.K. de Wit, E. de
10 2014 The Role of Genome-Wide Association Studies in Understanding Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease Susceptibility
Castelijns, B. Hol, E.M., Creyghton, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 90 pag. 12 3 4 5 6