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1 2016 New Insights on Neural Basis of Choice
Erkan, H. Smitds, A.
2 2016 The influence of top down predictions in the Rubber Hand Illusion in children and adults
Brummelman, J.T.H. Smit, M., Keizer, A.
3 2016 The influence of lateralized pointing on spatial relation processing
Brummelman, J.T.H. Ham, C.J.M. van der, Dijkerman, H.C.
4 2015 Structural brain abnormalities in first-degree relatives of patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia
Bosch, E.W. Haren, N.E.M. van
5 2015 Mechanisms of the stress response
Hillege, M.M.G. Den Boon, F.S.
6 2015 The mind of the meditator: the influence of focused attention meditation on subsystems of the default network implicated in mind wandering
Will, J.P. Vugt, Dr. Marieke van, Kenemans, Prof. Leon
7 2015 Glioma stem cells - evidence supporting the cancer stem cell hypothesis for gliomas and technical approaches to investigate glioma stem cells
Nieuwendijk, M. van den Hol, E.M.
8 2015 Timing of puberty - Which factors trigger pulsatile GnRH release and the onset of puberty?
Smeets, J.A.S. Bakker, J., Oosting, R.
9 2015 The Role of Glia in Parkinson's Disease
Lee, M.C. van der Hol, E.M
10 2015 Seeing Color? Where? Current Standing in Projector and Associator Grapheme-Color Synesthesia Research.
Leeuwen, J. van Paffen, Dr. C. L. E.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 245 pag. 12 3 4 5 6