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1 2017 Cultural interventions against Internet surveillance and data collection A descriptive study of whether the creators of six cultural products effectively inform the social ...
Dahlfors, E.T. Schaefer, M.T
2 2017 Amsterdam Smart City: with citizens or for citizens? A critical discourse analytical view on how citizens figure in Amsterdam Smart City's discursive construction
Drosten, T.W. de Lange, Michiel
3 2017 The Quantified Media Apparatus - The implications of quantification and the use of the Facebook Insights platform on the shaping/publishing of digital cultural content by media compani ...
Kuiper, R. Hoofd, I.
4 2017 The Opportunities and Challenges of WeChat Usage in Chinese EFL Classrooms and It's Potential as an Alternative to Enhance Participatory Culture
Qiao, L. Vught, Jasper van
5 2017 Digital Cultural Heritage in the Ethnographic Museum, Rethinking the digital object from the museum’s perspective
Gaalen, L.A. van Koevoets, dr. S.
6 2017 Incorporation facilitaire in a transmedia experience - and the case of Bobbejaanland
Evers, R. Kustritz, A., Glas, R
7 2017 Romantic Dissonance: (the Limits to) Wandering through Nature in Open World Role-Playing Videogames
Haan, J. de Glas, M.A.J.
8 2017 Make Campaigning Great Again: Fan’s Appropriation of the Mythology of Drumpf’s 2016 Presidential Campaign
Sieders, K.J.A. Kustritz, Dr. A.M.
9 2017 A Matter of Taste: A study on the influences on YouTube's influencers
Aukes, A.L.G.M.F. Hoofd, Ingrid
10 2017 From ordinary teenager to superstar
Put, H.A. van de Glas, R.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 381 pag. 12 3 4 5 6