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1 2018 Narrative Wars: How Brazilian Twitter users framed online news articles following nationally polarizing political events
Gomes Sousa e Sousa, L. Schäfer, M. T.
2 2018 Moderation, Upvotes, Downvotes, and the Nature of Twin Peaks’ Fandom on Reddit
Umetskaia, A. Glas, R.
3 2018 Instagram Stories: Giving shape to a new ephemeral photographic experience
Duin, J. van Glas, René
4 2018 We’re Here, We’re Queer… Or Are We? Queerness, Asexuality, and Communicative Capitalism on Tumblr
Szuba, M. Hoofd, Dr. I.
5 2018 The construction approach of smart city in Chinese context: a case study on Digital Xiong’an
Ren, W. Lange, M. de
6 2018 The Construction of Social Realities: A Critical Data Studies Approach Towards the Representation of Open Data in Four Dutch Web Applications
Smit, A.P. Schäfer, Mirko Tobias, Glas, René
7 2018 From Storytelling to Storyliving in VR Journalism? An ethical enquiry into the ways reality is represented and experienced in journalistic documentary for VR.
Petzold, M. Vries, Imar de
8 2018 “Play, Connect, Create”: Delineating Valve’s Steam Platformisation Strategy Through its Affordances
Papaevangelou, C. Werning, Dr. S.
9 2018 Rose Tinted Screens and Ruined Dreams: Digital Decay and Nostalgia on Netflix
Du, I.Y. Vries, I.O de
10 2018 Bereavement On YouTube: Where The Border Between Front Stage and Backstage Is Blurry
Hogervorst, F.L.M. Lenzner, B.H.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 415 pag. 12 3 4 5 6