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1 2017 In Data We Trust: Exploring the ideological underpinnings of Open Government Data. A discourse analysis of the policymaking process around Open Government Data during the Obama preside ...
Boschi, U. Schafer, M.T.
2 2017 The Ideal Remains - A Semiotic Analysis of Fit Bloggers' Side-by-Side Instagram Pictures
Sondagh, P. Koevoets, S.
3 2017 The most dramatic Nyan Wonka lolz: The anatomy of an Internet meme
Putker, R.M. Schafer, Mirko Tobias
4 2017 The Dark Side of The Sims
Krenn, S. Hoofd, I.M.
5 2017 The ‘post-truth politics’ diversion : ‘what does the journalistic discourse on post-truth politics reveal in its portrayal of technology as ‘disrupting the truth?’’
Koekoek, J.H. Hoofd, I.M.
6 2017 Incorporation facilitaire in a transmedia experience - and the case of Bobbejaanland
Evers, R. Kustritz, A., Glas, R
7 2017 Cultural interventions against Internet surveillance and data collection A descriptive study of whether the creators of six cultural products effectively inform the social ...
Dahlfors, E.T. Schaefer, M.T
8 2017 Amsterdam Smart City: with citizens or for citizens? A critical discourse analytical view on how citizens figure in Amsterdam Smart City's discursive construction
Drosten, T.W. de Lange, Michiel
9 2017 The Quantified Media Apparatus - The implications of quantification and the use of the Facebook Insights platform on the shaping/publishing of digital cultural content by media compani ...
Kuiper, R. Hoofd, I.
10 2017 The Opportunities and Challenges of WeChat Usage in Chinese EFL Classrooms and It's Potential as an Alternative to Enhance Participatory Culture
Qiao, L. Vught, Jasper van
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 386 pag. 12 3 4 5 6