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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 Where are we now? An inquiry into the limits of an explanatory approach to bridge human time and physical time
Greven, K.W. Bacciagaluppi, Guido
2 2017 Counter-research: A History of Science Shops in the Netherlands
Sijbrandij, J.S. Theunissen, L.T.G.
3 2017 Johannes Bosscha Jr. (1831-1911) and the development of the field of physics in the Netherlands in the second half of the 19th century
Stam, W.G. Wegener, F.D.A.
4 2017 The Status of Bohr's Complementarity Today: A study of the nature of knowing and being
Iranzo Ribera, N. Tuin, I. van der, Bacciagaluppi, G.
5 2017 Greene's Metamorality (Really) without Moral Truth
Kraaijeveld, S.R. Sauer, Hanno
6 2017 Economics and oligopolies in European competition law and policy
Besselink, T.B.A. Boumans, M.J.
7 2017 Wright's Strict Finitism
Yamada, T. Iemhoff, R.
8 2017 Evolution, Knowledge, and Reality: A Defence of Non-Adaptationist Evolutionary Epistemology.
Facoetti, M. Miltenburg, N. van
9 2017 Trust me, I am a museum: A review of the scientific authority of museums in the Netherlands
Boon, M. Huistra, Hieke, Theunissen, Bert
10 2017 Philosophy of Mind and the Neuroscientific Image of Man: Working Towards a Stereoscopic View of Self-Consciousness
Bevers, J. van Miltenburg, N.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 120 pag. 12 3 4 5 6