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1 2014 Using chemical composition and grain size distribution of a palaeochannel-fill to identify Lower Rhine flood events and their origin in the catchment
Ypma, J. Perk, M. van der, Middelkoop, H., Toonen, W.H.J.
2 2014 The importance of infragravity waves in the cross-shore sediment transport in the surf zone of a barred intertidal beach
Verschure, J.W.S. Ruessink, Prof. B.G.
3 2014 Morphodynamic zones and three-dimensional changes of the intertidal beach at Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands
Boll, M.C. Ruessink, B.G.
4 2013 Land evaluation for rain fed agriculture in the Mediterranean Peyne area, Southern France
Benthem, E. van Jong, S.M. de
5 2013 Modelling of soil erosion and sustainable land management measures in the Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
Jong, M.P. de Sterk, G., Beek, L. P. H. van
6 2013 Mapping Mediterranean natural vegetation species using heterogeneous endmember analysis of hyperspectral imagery
Doelman, J.C. Addink, E.A., Jong, S.M. de
7 2013 Historical floods of the Rhine river, reconstructed from the sedimentary fills of a dike breach pond and abandoned channels. Subtitle: Application for estimation of the design discharg ...
Aloserij, L.H.J. Middelkoop, H., Toonen, W.H.J.
8 2013 Application of storylines for strategy development in flood risk management (FRM); A case study on the flooding of the island of Dordrecht (the Netherlands)
Lips, N. Middelkoop, H.
9 2013 Marine X-band radar derived wave field quality on an ebb tidal delta
Rutten, J. Ruessink, B.G., Gautier, C.
10 2013 Modeling the cross-shore evolution of asymmetry and skewness of surface gravity waves propagating over a natural intertidal sandbar
Brinkkemper, J.A. Ruessink, B.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 67 pag. 12 3 4 5 6