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1 2009 When beauty is not good and ugly is not bad: The impact of an unachieved goal on the attractiveness bias
Tuithof, M. Bos, K. van den, Dillen, L.F. van
2 2009 The Cortisol Awakening Response in Raped Adolescent Girls with PTSD
Postma, R.M. Doornen, L.J.P. van, Bicanic, I.A.E.
3 2009 Consumer entrapment: inadequate feedback increases susceptibility of compliance.
Pop, N.M. Fennis, B.M., Häfner, M.
4 2009 Death Can Be Surprising: Mortality Salience and Attentional Control Influence Startle Reactions to Outgroup and Ingroup Members
Petrescu, D.C. Bos, K. van den, Klumpers, F., Kenemans, L.
5 2009 ‘Then I will not negate’. On the effectiveness of implementation intentions suppressing a habitual snacking response
Oosten, J.M.F. van Adriaanse, M.A., Ridder, D.T.D. de
6 2009 Positive Affect and the Flexibility/Rigidity Balance of Goal Pursuit: The Role of Task Representations
Marien, H. Aarts, H., Custers, R.
7 2009 Odors Eliciting Fear: a Conditioning Approach to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Leer, A. Hout, M.A. van den, Smeets, M.A.M.
8 2009 Psychological and physiological associates of declining performance in novice oarsmen
Admiraal, J.M. Doornen, L. J. P. van, Schmikli, S. L.
9 2009 Coping with uncertainties: Reacting against the past to affirm the cultural worldview
Laan, J. van der Bos, K. van den, Stel, M.
10 2009 Feeling Good and Eating Healthily? Effect of Positive Emotions on Broadened Mindset, Eating Preferences and Eating Behaviour
Koopmans, L. Ridder, D. de, Kroese, F.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 22 pag. 12 3