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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2016 Democracy of (in)action. Testing the effects of barriers and motives on non-participation in public initiatives
Broekhuizen, G.R. Michels, A.M.B., Meijer, A.J.
2 2016 Up Close and Personal - Can Climate Change Policy Framing Increase Citizen Support?
Bos, A.M. Grimmelikhuijsen, Dr. S.G., Meijer, Prof. dr. A.J.
3 2016 Using self-persuasion to change public service motivation and policy alienation: lessons from a survey experiment
Nagtegaal, R. Vandenabeele, W.V., Tummers, L.G.
4 2016 Professional Brokerage - Why and how medical doctors improve quality
Doosje, I. Noordegraaf, M., Voogt, J.
5 2016 TRAPPED IN THE HIERARCHY: The craft of Dutch city managers
Dorp, G.H. van Hart, P. 't, Noordegraaf, M
6 2016 Reducing Negative Citizen Behaviour: Testing a three-dimensional integrated intervention strategy using a randomised quasi-field experiment
Leeuwen, M.J. van Tummers, L.G., 't Hart, P.
7 2016 Danger & Opportunity: Contradictions between Resilience & Network Effectiveness in Safety Regions
Ruiter, M.N. Van Genugten, M.L., Resodihardjo, S.L.
8 2016 Goal ambiguity and managerial goal setting strategies: From item generation to scale validation
Hoek, M.A. van der Groeneveld, prof.dr. S.M., Tummers, dr. L.G.
9 2016 Directed Professional Space. An ethnographic-phronetic research on the construction of implicit boundaries to activation practitioners' use of professional space.
Grouw, Y.M. La Bannink, D.B.D.
10 2016 Piece of cake? A Q-study on public, private and non-governmental obesity frames
Enzerink, S.C. Graaf, de, G., Bakker, de, F.G.A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 98 pag. 12 3 4 5 6