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1 2017 “Tja… meestal verliest de dementerende, die moet dan naar een verpleeghuis.” : frontline werkers in interactie met dementerenden en hun naasten; een kwalitatieve studie naar rolc ...
Boer, C.H.E. den Trappenburg, M.
2 2017 The personal political: identity and claim-making in local government in Amsterdam
Schotel, A.L. van Amsterdam, Noortje
3 2017 Sour Grape or Whisteblower? An exploratory study of the involvement of informants in disclosing local integrity affairs through the local media
Doornebal, A. Schillemans, Thomas
4 2017 Modelling the Public Sector Using Discrete Simulation Modelling (DSM) for the analysis of throughput times of court cases in the Justice system of the Netherlands.
Donge, W. van Meijer, A. J., Akker, J. M. van den
5 2017 The promise of the region – accelerating the energy transition by tailor-made solutions?
Leeuw, L.W. de Groenleer, M.L.P.
6 2017 Tussen Hamer en Aambeeld: Risk management and decision making in response to the Housing Act
Thorogood, J.E. Bannink, Duco
7 2017 Lost: watchdog - accountability through local and regional newspapers
Riemersma, N.R. Schillemans, Thomas
8 2017 Buildings Blocks for Public Value - a study of four managerial activities as conditions for public value creation
Herder, M.S. Douglas, S.
9 2017 Organisational Citizenship Behaviour, Public Service Motivation and Employee Well-being: a quantitative study into the dark side of OCB
Geus, C.J.C. de George, Bert
10 2017 Consistentie van beleid ontrafeld: koers houden voor de binnenstad.
Schelfhout, D.C.L. Hart, P. 't, Princen, S.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 112 pag. 12 3 4 5 6