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1 2017 Conceptualisation of synthetic biology using a virtual synthetic biology laboratory: An explorative design based research.
Visser, E.F. Knippels, Marie-Christine
2 2017 Systems thinking in biology amongst lower secondary students
Versluis, J. Boerwinkel, D.J.
3 2017 Improving Students’ Intrinsic Motivation by Using an Inquiry-based Learning Practical
Nooijen, T. Meulenbroeks, R.F.G.
4 2017 Finding Better Tools for Mathematics Education: GeoGebra as a Possible Replacement for the Graphing Calculator
Woudenberg, W.J.J. van Drijvers, P.H.M.
5 2017 Improving the mathematical reading skills of students who read braille by scaffolding reading strategies
Boonstra, L.G. Doorman, Michiel
6 2017 Welke lessen voor de toekomst zijn te trekken uit de curricula en ervaringen van voorlopers die onderwijs geven in digitale geletterdheid in de onderbouw van het voortgezet onderwijs? ...
Verheesen, L. Savelsbergh, E.R.
7 2017 Teachers’ perceptions on implementing the renewed statistics curriculum for senior general secondary education in the Netherlands
Vogels, H.R. Kuiper, W.
8 2017 Promoting Students’ Problem-Solving Skills in Secondary Mathematics Education
Hanegem, J. van Drijvers, Paul
9 2017 Implementation of inquiry-based learning: Insights in day-to-day practice
Scheerboom, A.M.B. Doorman, L.M.
10 2017 Representation of synthetic biology in Dutch newspapers
Borgers, M. Verhoeff, R.P.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 130 pag. 12 3 4 5 6