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1 2018 The Karatsuba Algorithm for Integer Multiplication: a Parallel Implementation Using BSP
Willenborg, L.S.M. Bisseling, R.H., Beukers, F.
2 2018 De voorspellende waarde van cijfers
Crabbendam, E.H.M. Mulder, T.H.M.
3 2018 Teaching the relationship between topographic maps and profiles using the Augmented Reality sandbox.
Heuver, G.W. van Joolingen, W.R., Rutten, N
4 2018 Learning to Connect the Macroscopic and Microscopic Variables of the Ideal Gas Law by Using Drawing-Based Modeling
Liu, Y. van Joolingen, Prof. dr. W.R.
5 2018 Pre-university students’ causal reasoning about plant photosynthesis and reproduction: an exploratory study
Fonseca Azevedo, K. Knippels, M.C.P.J., Prins, G.T., Postma, P.A.
6 2018 Towards a Modular and Open Patient Simulator
Korten, J.A. Broek, E.L. van den, Bergervoet, P.M.A., Vijlbrief, D.C.
7 2018 Engaging young children in informal reasoning about the socio-scientific issue of climate change by means of ironic sketches
Heister, J.L.J. Wijnker, W., Matimba, H.E.K.
8 2018 A problem-posing approach to the teaching of the Special Theory of Relativity
López Pérez, D.O. Kamphorst, Floor, Savelsbergh, Elwin
9 2018 How to Write Impactful Stories about Regional Climate Change Adaptation Using Cultural Theory
Aarts, E. Verhoeff, R.
10 2018 Investigating and adjusting students’ mental models about the ideal gas law, using drawing based modelling
Velden, J. van der Joolingen, prof. dr. W.R. van, Meulenbroeks, dr. ir. R.F.G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 152 pag. 12 3 4 5 6