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1 2018 Crowdfunding: An innovation for innovation? - An exploratory study of the role of crowdfunding in entrepreneurial organisations.
Gernaat, D.E.H.J. Faber, J.
2 2012 Knowledge transfer and value based innovation; analyzing the effect of science-industry collaboration processes on valorization.
Haan, A.B. den Rijnsoever, F.J. van
3 2016 The role of alliance formation in new business development
Warners, F.F. Faber, J.
4 2014 Assessing Congolese Public-Sector Health Practitioners' Willingness to Adopt an Emerging Malaria Diagnostic
Haan, F. de Boon, W.P.C
5 2014 Knowledge valorization around academic medical centers
Leinarts, R.J.M. Boon, W.P.C.
6 2014 The research performance of university-industry collaborations
Helsper, L. Boon, W.P.C.
7 2014 The influence of localization on the diffusion of technological knowledge The case of organic chemistry
Castillo Camus, G.A.E. Del Heimeriks, Gaston, Frenken, Koen
8 2014 Studying the Impact of Technological Improvements of Antibody Technology on the Adoption of Biomedicines: a Comparative Case Study of REMICADE® and STELARA®
Oktavia Chandra, . Herrmann, A. M.
9 2014 Charging behaviour of Dutch EV drivers
Spoelstra, J.C. Farla, J.C.M.
10 2014 How women entrepreneurs start their own businesses: Perceived uncertainties, Motivations, and Entrepreneurial actions. A comparison between Spain and Singapore
Leon Melendez, M. Rosales Carreon, J., Hekkert, M.P.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 169 pag. 12 3 4 5 6