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1 2016 Nudge vs. Habit - Moderating effects of habit strength on nudges’ effectiveness in reducing unhealthy snacking
Lipman, S.A. Marchiori, D.R.
2 2016 Escaping the Explanatory Vacuum: External Confabulation and Self-knowledge Change as Two Distinct Ways Out
Soolingen, J.J. van Gillebaart, M.
3 2016 The Role of Motor Prediction in the Perceptual Selection of Sensory Effects: A Binocular Rivalry Study
Groep, I.H. van de Dogge, M.
4 2015 Even if everyone does it, is it really effective? Descriptive norms’ and outcome expectations’ influence on men’s attitude and intention toward relationship therapy
Leiber, K. Kluwer, E.
5 2014 Can Cognitive Performance Under Pressure Be Improved? Testing an Intervention With Performance-Unrelated Pressure
Theije, V.E. De Bijleveld, E., Marien, H.
6 2014 On the emergence of self-agency: The role of working memory load in distinguishing goal-based versus prime-based inferences of agency.
Shankar, J.K. Aarts, H.
7 2014 Trait self-control and its effect on the hedonic processing of tempting stimuli
Leatham, C.J. Gillebaart, M.
8 2014 Dear diary: cue-monitoring plus implementation intention to reduce unhealthy snacking in obese people
Kloos, N. Verhoeven, A.
9 2014 How preferences spread: the role of selective attention in evaluative conditioning of consumer products.
Haásová, S. Strick, M.
10 2013 Reverse Correlating Stereotype Change: Effects of Fear Conditioning on Stereotypical Out-Group Faces
Ornée, D.A. Bijleveld, E.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 37 pag. 12 3 4