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1 2017 Explaining Adolescents’ Delinquent Behavior: An Integration of Social Bonds and Self-Control
Huijsmans, T.M. Nivette, A.E., Ruiter, S.
2 2017 The impact of peers’ cultural capital on children’s educational performance: Absolute or relative effects?
Duijser, S.L. Maas, W.A.F., Tubergen, F. van
3 2017 Are Generosity and Trustworthiness Correlated? A Meta-analysis
Jiao, R. Przepiorka, W., Lippényi, Z., Stark, T.H.
4 2017 Positional differentiation and peer effects on the individual contribution to team outcomes
Moes, R.A. Weesie, H.M., Buskens, V.W.
5 2017 Terrorism, media coverage on Muslims and attitudinal consequences: A study among ethnic majority adolescents
Boer, M. Tubergen, F. van, Przepiorka, W., Smeekes, A.N.
6 2017 Does the impact of the family decrease over the life course? Studying sibling similarities in occupational status at different points in the career.
Hornstra, M.S.L. Maas, W.A.F., Begall, K.
7 2017 Tacit coordination in a volunteer’s dilemma: how payoff asymmetry and social preferences affect the emergence of coordination patterns
Bouman, L. Przepiorka, W., Maas, W.A.f.
8 2017 Who is willing to have a divorced partner? The effects of individual characteristics on preferences towards divorced partners
Jong, L.P.S. Poortman, A., Maas, W.A.F.
9 2017 Victimization in Context: Testing Contextual Effects Beyond the Residential Neighborhood Using Location Tracking on Smartphones
Cai, L. Ruiter, S., Maas, W.A.F., Fleischmann, F.
10 2017 That’s what friends are for...? The effects of having deviant friends on adolescents’ life satisfaction: an inquiry into selection and influence mechanisms
Schout, L.R. Jaspers, E., Poortman, A., Martinovic, B.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 130 pag. 12 3 4 5 6