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1 2016 "Like My Mother Before Me: The effect of mother’s position on her children’s status attainment in the 19th century and early 20th century"
Kong, S. Maas, W.A.F., Leeuwen, M.H.D. van
2 2016 Residential burglary target selection: an analysis at the property-level
Langton, S.H. Steenbeek, W., Weesie, H.M.
3 2016 Leaving Parental Home and General Trust A Causal Analysis Based on the Emancipation Theory of Trust
Roski, S.K. Przepiorka, W.
4 2016 A Time for a Crime: Spatial-Temporal Aspects of Repeat Offenders’ Crime Location Choices
Sleeuwen, S.E.M. van Ruiter, S.
5 2016 "In Status We Trust: A vignette experiment on socioeconomic status and reputation explaining interpersonal trust in peer-to-peer markets"
Keijzer, M.A. Corten, R.
6 2016 Economic Conditions and Postmaterialist Values: A Multilevel Analysis in 103 Countries
Feliks, L. Tubergen, F.A. van
7 2016 Cognitive Empathy and Trust in Socially Embedded Interactions
Malinionytė, K. Buskens, V.W.
8 2016 "Joint lifestyles and the risk of union dissolution: Gaining deeper insight into the differences between marriage and cohabitation"
Houdt, K.L. van Poortman, A.
9 2016 Who enforces the norm? A quasi-experiment on the effects of norm salience and norm familiarity on the train
Soppe, K.F.B. Przepiorka, W.
10 2016 Are Bridging Ties Really Advantageous? Fine-Tuning the Scope in which the Hypothesis Applies
Vriens, E. Corten, R.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 113 pag. 12 3 4 5 6