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1 2018 Barriers to the Circular Economy: The case of Dutch food processing SMEs
Jochems, J.A.A. Kirchherr, Julian
2 2018 An Exploratory Study On An Innovative Sustainability Measurement System In The Leather Supply Chain : A New Approach for Capturing the Hidden Costs of Product Innovation
Moonilal, M. Vermeulen, W.J.V.
3 2018 Analysing the stimulation of the Circular Economy from the CO2 Performance Ladder
Phair, G. Piscicelli, Laura
4 2018 Transitioning towards a sustainable diet: Understanding the barriers to increasing plant-based protein consumption
Luxenberg, K.E. Negro, S.
5 2018 Legitimising Power. The potential of private actors to transform the Tanzanian energy sector towards decentralised renewable energy system
Bravard, M.C.L.Y. Sengers, F.
6 2018 Fair Taxation and Corporate Sustainability
Kyengo, B.M. Vermeulen, Walter
7 2018 Can a different product comparison method using LCA-results help to further improve Green Public Procurement in the Netherlands?
Hillege, L.M.M. Kramer, G.J., Kirchherr, J.W.
8 2018 Towards the construction of a business model for photovoltaic (PV) roads: Creating synergies by adding functionalities
Tjallingii, J. Crijns-Graus, Wina
9 2018 Energy Democracy: Taking Back Power A Comparative Analysis of Investor-Owned and Publicly-Owned Utilities’ Ability to Achieve the Conditions for Energy Democracy
Bozuwa, J.M. Agni Kalfagianni, Dr.
10 2017 Exploring the barriers and opportunities of Virtual reality in the Dutch socio technical healthcare regime
Kole, N.S. Arentshorst, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 77 pag. 12 3 4 5 6