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1 2017 A Transdisciplinary Approach to the Identification and Improvement of a Product’s Environmental Performance: A Case Study of the Organisational Drivers, Barriers and Strategies to Im ...
Mills, T.P. Kramer, G.J.
2 2017 Preventing food waste in the hospitality industry through organizational learning
Chia, S. Kalfagianni, A.
3 2017 Towards products that matter: A critical review of products social value and products’ impact measurement approaches
Vinke, M.C. Vermeulen, W.J.V
4 2017 Reducing the environmental impact of the Dutch physical payment system
Hanegraaf, R. Worrell, E., Mandley, S.
5 2017 Exploring the attributes of innovation related to complementary currencies in the Netherlands: a case study on United Economy
Ruiter, W.J. Janssen, M.J.
6 2017 Understanding inter-organisational collaboration in a circular economy
Hemmelder, A.B. Negro, S.O
7 2017 The adoption of eco-innovation
Oever, M.V.D. van den Chappin, M.M.H., Negro, S.O.
8 2017 Developing an individual actor perspective on Collective System Building activities: A set of Case studies in New Zealand’s Nutrient management
Zalm, W. van der Faber, Jan
9 2017 Change towards sustainability in Dutch central government
Gosselink, I.R. Chappin, Maryse
10 2017 Exploring the relation between socio-technical regime dimensions and business model innovation.
Boersma, T.A. Wesseling, J.H.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 61 pag. 12 3 4 5 6