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1 2017 Refining Indonesian Civil Society Organization Participation for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Andri Zainal Kari, . Kim, Dr. R. E.
2 2017 Moving problems or two-sided solutions? The impact of forest carbon projects in developing countries to compensate emissions: a case-study of the “CO2OL Tropical Mix Reforestation” ...
Zon, R. van der van Noorloos, F
3 2017 Orchestrating SDG policy: Assessing the use of orchestration as a governance mode to affect Sustainable Development Goal policy change
O'Brien, R.C. Kim, Dr. Rakhyun
4 2017 Hydrology and salinity of the former tidal wetland the Slikken van Flakkee in the period 1971 - 2017
Hissink, R.J. Griffioen, J.
5 2017 Broken Policies • Broken Communication Correct Messaging in Energy Transition Policies
Cecchini, S.A. Helfgott, Ariella
6 2017 Global Civil Society and the Quest for Global Justice - Assessing variations in the conceptualizations of global justice in strategies of civil society actors
Hürlimann, M.E.F. Biermann, Frank
7 2017 An Integrated Assessment of Energy Technology Dependence in the EU
Torres Vega, P.C. Harmsen, Dr. R. H.
8 2017 Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building in Multi-stakeholder Contexts
Knijff, E. Leung, Maggi
9 2017 Scaling is Prevailing. Testing theoretical conditions in practice to scale-up local renewable energy cooperatives in the Netherlands
Overbeke, G.F. Dieperink, C.
10 2017 What insight can a microsimulation traffic model provide with respect to the impact of autonomous vehicles on urban mobility in the future?
Withagen, M.J. Kramer, GJ., Pelzer, P.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 619 pag. 12 3 4 5 6