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1 2018 True Price of a Cotton T-shirt - A pilot study to measure the preventative costs of the (un)sustainability of a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt
Hoof, E.D. van Vermeulen, W.J.V.
2 2018 Future-proofing coffee production in Peru: the impact of network linkages on small-scale coffee producers in Cajamarca's highlands
Williamson, P. van Westen, A.C.M.
3 2018 Measuring the effectiveness of non-state actors’ climate goals : the level of effectiveness of non-state actors’ cooperative initiatives, focussing on resilience, of the UN NAZCA P ...
Coppes, L.F.M. Biermann, F.H.B.
4 2018 Changing Climates in Agriculture -Assessing the livelihoods derived by two agricultural systems in the Mixteca Alta Mexico
Galaz Segura, S.A. Ferreira Dos Santos, M.J., Laerhoven, F.S.J. Van
5 2018 Making domestic energy practices sustainable Exploring opportunities to create enhanced facilitating roles for future-proof energy service providers in reducing domestic energy consum ...
Dalen, S.F. van Laerhoven, F.S.J. van
6 2018 Exploring household energy patterns and inequalities in sustainability transitions - Evidence from residential energy consumption in Beijing
Viero, G. Bluemling, B.
7 2017 Helping cities to govern flood risk. A comparative case study to identify the barriers and enablers imposed by national policy
Gomes Monteiro, F.F. Koop, S.H.A., van Leeuwen, C.J.
8 2017 Energy Technology Dependence. A value chain assessment of geothermal electricity generation in the EU
Vonsée, B.G. Crijns-Graus, W.H.J., Liu, W.
9 2017 Towards a Framework for Strengthening Corporate Sustainability in Knowledge Organisations with the Sustainable Development Goals
Grissa, A. Dieperink, C.
10 2017 The Gendered Dynamics of Contract Farming: Exploring impacts of shifting intra-household labour allocation patterns on the role of women
Stam, C.J. Otsuki, K.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 630 pag. 12 3 4 5 6