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1 2017 Spatial planning responses to climate change; evaluating and comparing the planning capacity to mainstream climate change adaptation into spatial planning in Gothenburg, Utrecht and Po ...
Grotholt, M.W. Hegger, D.
2 2017 Investigation of the role of urban regeneration in enhancing social sustainability. A case study in Lombok, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Caltabiano, L. Uittenbroek, C.
3 2017 Matching supply and demand in the circular economy: Case study of the wood market in Utrecht
Loo, L. van Rebel, Karin
4 2017 Multilevel Solid Waste Governance - An Analysis of Governmentalities and their Expression in Solid Waste Practices in Sri Lanka
Bie, A.S. de Otsuki, K.
5 2017 Sustainability in the Dutch clothing sector - Combining social and environmental sustainability
Toemen, V. van Westen, Guus
6 2017 Modelling effects of charcoal production on the carbon budget in managed oak forests of Central Mexico
Voorhoeve, J.W.E. Ferreira Dos Santos, Maria
7 2017 Emerging patterns for niche scaling-up processes in socio-technical transitions. Evidence from green shared transport in Amsterdam
Marini, M. Uittenbroek, C.
8 2017 Scaling is Prevailing. Testing theoretical conditions in practice to scale-up local renewable energy cooperatives in the Netherlands
Overbeke, G.F. Dieperink, C.
9 2017 The influence of Varieties of Capitalism and other contextual determinants on start-ups’ innovativeness
Gramlich, E.I. Herrmann, Andrea, Rauter, Romana
10 2017 Tourism and sustainability: a social network analysis and stock analysis of (shell)fish in Andalusia, Spain
Batenburg, B.C. Joao Ferreira Dos Santos, Dr. Maria
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 592 pag. 12 3 4 5 6