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1 2011 Thermal evolution of terrestrial exoplanets
Zhao, Yue Berg, Dr. A. P. van den
2 2011 Thermal stability of fresh-water fern Azolla biomarkers as determined by hydrous pyrolysis & Exploring the biofuel potential of fresh-water fern Azolla
Sap, M. Reichart, G.-J., Nierop, K. G. J.
3 2010 Frictional behaviour of halite/muscovite fault gouge analogues: Effects of sliding velocity and of stepwise acceleration from sub- to co-seismic slip rates
Buijze, A.J.L. Spiers, Prof. C.J.
4 2010 Sediment transport in the Slufter inlet channel, Texel, The Netherlands
Vellinga, N.E. Hoekstra, P., Vegt, M. van der
5 2010 Dynamic channel network extraction from satellite imagery and dynamics of the Jamuna River
Marra, W.A. Kleinhans, M.G., Addink, E.A.
6 2010 Analysis of Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Manila Bay: 3D Density Dependent Hydrogeological Modeling of the South-eastern coastal zone of Bataan, Philippines
Mirasol, A. Dürr, H., Oude Essink, G.
7 2010 Normal mode study of the D'' region and core-mantle boundary topography.
Koelemeijer, P.J. Deuss, A., Trampert, J.
8 2010 The eco-hydrology of drought: What are the survival mechanisms of trees? Exploring the hypothesis that trees will create deep fine root mass to prevent carbon loss under severe drought ...
Daniëls, E.E. Bierkens, M.F.P.
9 2010 A Stable Oxygen Isotope Approach to Tropical Cyclone Reconstruction Northeast Queensland, Australia
Löffler, R. Reichart, G.J., Haig, J.
10 2010 Large amplitude carbon isotope excursion during Late Silurian 'Lau Event': an Organic Geochemical Approach
Schoenmaker, N.R. Reichart, G.J.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 11 pag. 12