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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2016 Coarsening functional parallelism using intelligent search algorithms
Leijendekker, O.C. Vreeswijk, G.A.W., Dijkstra, A.
2 2016 Extracting ground plane location data of rugby 7s players, from a zooming and rotating camera
Dis, J. van Poppe, R.W., Dignum, F.P.M.
3 2016 The Impact of Density Measurement on the Fundamental Diagram
Zwan, M. van der Geraerts, Roland
4 2015 Emulation of an Agent-Based Recon?gurable Manufacturing Grid
Brink, L. van den Meyer, J.J.C., Telgen, D.H.
5 2015 Procedural generation of populations for storytelling
Veld, B. in het Meyer, John-Jules
6 2015 The Other-Condemning Moral Emotions - A Modal Logic Approach
Pankov, A. Dastani, M.
7 2015 Analysing And Improving The Knowledge-based Fast Evolutionary MCTS Algorithm
Eeden, J.G. van Thierens, D.
8 2015 Decision Support System for Image Analysts of the Royal Armed Forces of the Netherlands
Spek, P.M. Meyer, prof. dr. J-J.Ch.
9 2015 To construct believable flow and nuanced dialogues in a BDI framework: An architecture for the development of interactive narratives
Isaacs Paternostro, D. Meyer, J.J.C.
10 2015 Explaining the reasoning of Bayesian networks with intermediate nodes and clusters
Leersum, J. van Renooij, S.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 50 pag. 12 3 4 5