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1 2017 The effects of implementing the ‘FireFlies V2’ system in a secondary school classroom on teachers and students
Ordanovski, S. Paffen, C.L.E., Naber, M.
2 2017 Mummy, does your voice make me learn new words faster? An eye tracking study in which the effect from voice familiarity on the learning of unfamiliar words in two- year- olds is tested ...
Tier, L. van der Junge, C, Hooge, I
3 2017 Demographic factors predicting walking cognitions and behaviour
Eimers, C.G. Naber, M., Benjamins, J.S.
4 2017 The effect of the innovative split-sleep schedule on objective and subjective sleep in nurses working night shifts
Willeumier, F.D. Harvey, B.M., Benjamins, J.S.
5 2017 Promoting healthy food choice with a visual cue The influence of manipulating simulation with a visual product extrinsic cue on sensory evaluation and liking of a food product.
Antheunisse, C. Smeets, M.A.M., Naber, M.
6 2017 The effect of social factors and exit signage on route choices and movement time in a virtual environment during a stressful event.
Brusselers, M.B. Harvey, B.M., Montoya, E.R.
Timmers, N. Hooge, I.T.C., Benjamins, J.S.
8 2017 The effect of avoidance behavior on the extinction of a conditioned fear-response
Verweij, J. Flier, F.E. van der, Harvey, B.M.
9 2017 Correct or not? Correcting for luminance effects adds to the value of using pupil-based cognitive load measurement
Hoefnagel, R. Naber, M, Stuit, S
10 2017 Influence of the Mother’s Voice on Infant’s Novel-Word Learning Behaviour: Speech Imitation and Pointing
Visser, D. de Junge, C, Baas, J
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 141 pag. 12 3 4 5 6