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1 2015 Stress as a cue for word segmentation by Dutch-learning 8-month-olds
Dekker, L.A.G. Keij, B.M.
2 2015 Saving the Sinking Ship of Diplomacy? eDiplomacy and Its Implications on Standardisation, Power, and Visibility in Diplomatic Practices
Nakrošytė, S. Ree, G. van der
3 2015 Twisted tongues, hybrid identities: The role language use and identity play in the integration of Aruban students in the Netherlands
Bijl de Vroe, M.L. Ballantyne, J.C.
4 2015 Mapping the Risk of Hate Crime Victimization in Lithuania
Baršauskaitė, I. Aronowitz, A.A.
5 2015 The Assessment of Aruba’s Shoreline Pollution: A Comparison Between the South Coast and the North Coast
Scisciolo, T. de Eppinga, M.B.
6 2015 Family Matters. Dutch policies and left-wing political discourse on citizens’ responsibility for the care for their elderly relatives from 1970 until present
Bakker, R.M.A. Maiolo, F.M.
7 2015 Comparing placental phenotype similarities between Neuropathy Target Esterase and the Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway
List, A.C.J. van der Lau, Wim de, Wiegant, Fred
8 2015 Ratio of baseline salivary alpha amylase to salivary cortisol and the relationship with depression.
Simons, P.I.H.G. Geerlings, M.I.
9 2015 Identifying Trends of Thermoregulating Behaviour in European Bison within the Kraansvlak Pilot Project
Pape, S.B. Eppinga, M.E.
10 2015 The Evolutionary Hawk-Dove Game on Graphs
Pesman, T.F. Ruijgrok, M.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 24 pag. 12 3