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1 2017 Pre-processing Road Networks for Graph Partitioning Using Edge-Betweenness Centrality
Reijnders, B.J.H.R. Bisseling, prof. dr. R.H.
2 2017 A Culture of Contrasts: The Celebration and Stigmatization of (Safe) Sex A qualitative study on the sexual risk-taking of university students in the Netherlands
Huijsman, S.W.A. Jakubowska, L.A.
3 2015 Stress as a cue for word segmentation by Dutch-learning 8-month-olds
Dekker, L.A.G. Keij, B.M.
4 2015 Saving the Sinking Ship of Diplomacy? eDiplomacy and Its Implications on Standardisation, Power, and Visibility in Diplomatic Practices
Nakrošytė, S. Ree, G. van der
5 2015 Twisted tongues, hybrid identities: The role language use and identity play in the integration of Aruban students in the Netherlands
Bijl de Vroe, M.L. Ballantyne, J.C.
6 2015 Mapping the Risk of Hate Crime Victimization in Lithuania
Baršauskaitė, I. Aronowitz, A.A.
7 2015 The Assessment of Aruba’s Shoreline Pollution: A Comparison Between the South Coast and the North Coast
Scisciolo, T. de Eppinga, M.B.
8 2015 Family Matters. Dutch policies and left-wing political discourse on citizens’ responsibility for the care for their elderly relatives from 1970 until present
Bakker, R.M.A. Maiolo, F.M.
9 2015 Comparing placental phenotype similarities between Neuropathy Target Esterase and the Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway
List, A.C.J. van der Lau, Wim de, Wiegant, Fred
10 2015 Ratio of baseline salivary alpha amylase to salivary cortisol and the relationship with depression.
Simons, P.I.H.G. Geerlings, M.I.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 26 pag. 12 3