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1 2017 Synthesis of cobalt complexes with a diphosphine-ketone ligand and its application for silane activation and hydrosilylation reactions
Kwakernaak, J.S. Moret, M.-E., Klein Gebbink, R.J.M.
2 2017 Towards renewable fuels: The effect of upscaling on catalysts used for bio-oil upgrading
Kort, L.M. de Bruijnincx, Dr. P.C.A., Whiting, Dr. G.T., Hernández‑Giménez, A.M.
3 2017 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Gold and Gold-Silver Nanorods
Bransen, M. Hoeven, J.E.S. van der, Blaaderen, A. van, Jongh, P.E. de
4 2018 Correlated motion of semiflexible colloidal bead chains
Bruning, J.A. Moerman, P.G., Kegel, W.K.
5 2017 EM studies on proteins
Brink, G. van den Förster, Prof. dr. F.G.
6 2017 Synthesis of Luminescent CdSe Based Nanoplatelets and Self-assembly in 3D Spherical Supraparticles
Sluijs, M.M. van der Montanarella, F.M., Vanmaekelbergh, prof. dr. D.A.M.
7 2017 Three new designs of covalent cages
Dijk, S.J. van Dr. M.-E. Moret, Prof.dr. R.J.M Klein Gebbink
8 2018 Concentration profiles of ferrofluids in magnetic fields
Boon, W.Q. Erné, B.H., Silfhout, A.M. van
9 2017 Using an Optical Conveyor for Light-Matter Interaction Experiments
Voutyras, K. Oosten, D. van
10 2017 Tuning the gel structure with temperature controlled sequential gelation; Relating mechanical properties and structure in microgel self-assemblies
Maris, J.J.E. Immink, J.N., Stenhammar, J., Schurtenberger, P., Philipse, A.P., Kegel, W.K.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 209 pag. 12 3 4 5 6