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1 2018 The Quest for the Luminescent Photonic Crystal
Chadwick, L.G. Vanmaekelbergh, Daniel, Montanarella, Federico
2 2018 Optical properties of colloidal PbTe and its oriented attachment
Wit, J.W. de Peters, J.L., Maekelbergh, Prof. Dr. D.A.M. van, Mello-Donega, Dr. C. de
3 2017 Study into the influence of support pore size on the structure and activity of Pd/C catalysts
Ommeren, E.G. van Lamme, W.S., Jong, K.P. de
4 2018 Enantioselective Organocatalytic Synthesis of γ-Valerolactone by Hydrosilylation of Methyl Levulinate
Roelofs, M.D. Bruijnincx, P.C.A.
5 2017 Towards absolute scattering cross section of nanoparticles and single molecules
Kuang, Z. Ghosh, S., Faez, S.
6 2018 Synthesis of Iron Catalysts Confined in Mesoporous Silica
Nijholt, T. de Jong, K.P.
7 2018 Synthesis of a Tailored Enzyme Inhibitor Bearing a Grubbs Catalyst Active In Water. Towards Robust Metalloenzymes for Olefin Metathesis
Verhoeven, D.G.A. Klein Gebbink, Prof. dr. R.J.M., Basauri Molina, MSc. M.
8 2018 Zn2+ for Cd2+ Cation Exchange in ZnSe: towards ZnSe/CdSe heteronanocrystals and alloy nanocrystals
Witteman, L. Mello-Donegá, C. de, Meijerink, A.
9 2016 Nanoconfined Sodium Alanate as a Transition Metal Free Hydrogenation Catalyst
Daalhuizen, K.G. Bramwell, P, de Jongh, P.E., Klein Gebbink, R.J.M.
10 2018 Acceptorless Catalytic Alcohol Dehydrogenation and Depolymerization Applied to Lignin
Teunissen, L.W. Lancefield, C.S., Bruijnincx, P.C.A., Whiting, G.T.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 222 pag. 12 3 4 5 6