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1 2018 The Use of Diffusion for Modelling the Distribution of Plastic in the Northern Pacific
Brouwer, S.J. Sebille, E. van
2 2017 The Hybrid Theory in Practice: a case study at the Dutch police force
Timmers, L.G. Bex, F.J.
3 2018 Smart Students, Poor Grades: Factors contributing to lower grades in the transition from first to second year bilingual secondary schoo
Folkers, E.C.M. Fonville, J.J.
4 2018 Visualizing X-ray Radiation Levels with the Microsoft HoloLens
Klunder, T.E. Houtkamp, J.M., Yumak, Z.
5 2016 Looks good, sounds nice: Intonation and bodily appearance in robot-mediated communicative treatment for children with autism
Straten, C.L. van Chen, A.
6 2015 In and Out of Magelang Asylum. A Social History of Colonial Psychiatry in the Netherlands Indies, 1923-1942
Broere, S.C.J.R. Vijselaar, J., Pols, H.
7 2018 Developing CRISP-DCW: The Cross-Industry Standard Process for Creating Distributed Computing Workflows
Meijers, C.G. Spruit, dr. M.R., Brinkhuis, dr. M.J.S.
8 2018 Making Machine Learning accessible to Healthcare Professionals for the purpose of predicting Medical Adverse Events
Vries, N.A. de Spruit, Marco, Brinkhuis, Matthieu
9 2018 Zero Trust Maturity Matters: Modeling Cyber Security Focus Areas and Maturity Levels in the Zero Trust Principle
Modderkolk, M.G. Brinkkemper, prof. dr. S., Spruit, dr M.R.
10 2018 Study of event shape in pp collisions at LHC energies using the PYTHIA model
Carstens, J.H. Christakoglou, P.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 2493 pag. 12 3 4 5 6