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1 2017 Diffusion of salt through electri?fied porous carbon, studied with the colloidal charge sensor
Huijben, J. Erne, dr. B.H.
2 2017 POLQA+: Adding voice quality assessment to ITU-T’sPerceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment(POLQA)
Schoegje, T.M. Beerends, dr. J.G., van den Broek, dr. dr. E.L.
3 2017 Socio-political characteristics of coopetitive RE for IOIS
Mikx, N.F. Dalpiaz, F., Brinkkemper, S., Hermeler, J., Hijmering, A.
4 2017 A Multi API approach for Natural Language Processing in Unstructured Clinical Documents
Krimpen, H. van Spruit, Marco, Shen, Zhengru "Ian"
5 2017 The Fokker-Planck Equation for Active Matter
Haas, R.P. de Roij, R.H.H.G. van, Frank, J.E., Rodenburg, A.J.
6 2017 Fluctuations in the holographic superconductor
Mauri, E. Stoof, H.T.C.
7 2017 Holographic Massive Fermions
Garcia Florez, F. Stoof, H. T. C.
8 2017 Extracting Components from Privacy Statements with Text Mining
Brakenhoff, L.A. Dalpiaz, Fabiano, Lucassen, Garm
9 2017 How to determine the FAIRness of open data by a reference model
Ginkel, J.M. van Spruit, M. R.
10 2017 An Assessment Framework to Govern and Manage Research Data within Research Institutions
Schermerhorn, E.A. Spruit, M.R.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 2352 pag. 12 3 4 5 6