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jaar Document Auteur(s) Supervisor
1 2017 EM studies on proteins
Brink, G. van den Förster, Prof. dr. F.G.
2 2016 Hard wired pathways: The relation between immunological and molecular research at the Netherlands Cancer Institute
Lindenbergh, P.L. Huisman, Prof. dr. F.G., Theunissen, Prof. dr. L.T.G.
3 2017 Gentlemen of Science. Scientific societies and personae during the professionalization of the sciences in the Netherlands, 1840-1876
Rumund, R. van Huistra, Dr. P., Huisman (second reader), Prof. dr. F.G.
4 2011 R&D-activiteiten in Europese regio's
Tammes, C.L. Oort, Prof. Dr. F.G. van
5 2010 Are the Dutch new towns grownups already?
Keywords: Groeikernen
Jongeneelen, D. van Oort, Prof. dr F. G.
6 2009 Laboratory Measurement of Aggression
Capello, A.E.M. Koerselman, Prof. Dr. G. F.
7 2015 EXAFS on noble metal promoted Co/TiO2
Oenema, J. Agostini, Dr. G., Pascarelli, Dr. S., F.M.F. de Groot, Prof. Dr., Pethoukov, Dr. A.V.
8 2012 Religiosity inheritance among Muslim immigrants in a secular society
Pol, J. van de Tubergen, Prof. dr. F. (Frank) van, Völker), Prof. dr. B.G.M. (Beate)
9 2017 Can DELETE ALL® serve as an adequate method for goats in Amblyomma tick control management in the area of Mnisi (Mpumalanga), South Africa?
Renssen, A. van Prof. H. Stoltz, prof. dr. F. Jongejan
10 2019 Matter in Action: What is superconductivity?
Mobach, K. van der Tuin, Prof. dr. I., Bacciagaluppi, Dr. G.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 6084 pag. 12 3 4 5 6