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1 2015 Wary of the World. Reconciling a monastic lifestyle with coenobitic serviceability to the outer world in the Rule of Saint Benedict and the ninth-century Carolingian commentaries on th ...
Brakenhoff, L.A.M. Meens, R.M.J., Rose, H.G.E.
2 2015 Athenian Synoecism - Cults, Myths, and the Elite in Sixth-Century Attica
Kragset, L.K. Eijnde, F. van den
3 2015 Changing representations: Pippin the Hunchback in Carolingian memory
Hees, B.J. van Meens, R.M.J.
4 2015 Text/Image/Sound: Initials as Entanglements and Embodiment in the Leiden Psalter (Leiden, University Library, BPL 76 A)
Haaren, S. van Mostert, Prof. dr. M., Hellemans, Dr. B. S.
5 2015 Busy Rhodes. The island of Rhodes and the development of distribution networks in the eastern Aegean.
Slotman, D.R. prof. dr. P. Funke, prof. dr. J.H. Blok
6 2015 The Old Welsh glosses on Martianus Capella reconsidered: an edition, commentary and analysis
Nooij, L.B. Schrijver, P.C.H.
7 2015 Poems attributed to Flann mac Lonáin: including a critical edition of Maiccni Echach ard a nglé
Ubink, J.J. O Flaithearta, M.
8 2015 Strategios Paneuphemos and the elite of the Arsinoite Nome: Contributions to the dossier of Flavios Strategios Paneuphemos
Loon, G.A.J.C. van Rutgers, L.V., Hoogendijk, F.A.J.
9 2015 Questions and answers. The secondary reception of the Middle Dutch Sydrac including its German and Danish translations
Regt, L. de Besamusca, A.A.M
10 2015 'Gescreven tOesterwijc'. The town secretariat of Oisterwijk, ca. 1200 to 1550
Vermeer, M.A.J. Hoven van Genderen, A. J. van den, Bijsterveld, A. J. A.
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 39 pag. 12 3 4