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1 2014 Britons in Anglo-Saxon Legal Documents: Anglo-Saxon references to Britons in charters, law texts, letters, and wills from Southwest Britain
Oudesluijs, T. Auer, A.
2 2013 Early-Twelfth-Century Utrecht Responsories: A Quest for Musical Style Elements
Lousberg, L.A.J. Kügle, K., Zijlstra, M.
3 2013 The functioning of the 15th century "manuscript Tongeren" from the convent Ter Noot Gods. A research about the manuscript Brussels KB IV 421
Westerhout, M. van der Poel, Dr. D.E.
4 2013 Finding certainty in an age of uncertainty
Visscher, N.J.S. Mostert, M., Mijnhardt, W.W.
5 2013 Als die maen is inden weder. Practical Advice in a Late-Fifteenth-Century Astrological Calendar Manuscript. Amsterdam UB MS XXIII A 8.
Meekes, I.H.J. Lie, Prof. dr. O.S.H., Wackers, Prof. dr. P.W.M.
6 2013 ‘Cuer me rendés…’: The Emotional Involvement of the Contemporary Audience in the Yvain-Corpus
Vondenhoff, C.H.A.G. Brandsma, F.P.C.
7 2013 Rulers of Jorvik: A critical examination of the contemporary, Anglo-Norman, and Scandinavian sources pertaining to the rulers of Anglo-Scandinavian York
Dijkstra, J. Mostert, M., Garrison, M.
8 2012 The usage of the Historical Present in Old Irish narrative prose
Loon, D. van Schrijver, P.C.H.
9 2012 Sis memor Strabonis ("Think of Strabo"). Context and Communicative value of Walahfrid Strabo's poetry
Visser, J.W. Mostert, M.
10 2012 Let all brothers keep their place: Ordering communal life in Carolingian monasteries as reflected in the ninth-century Hildemar commentary.
Urbanus, M. Jong, M. B. de
  Resultaten 1 - 10 van 59 pag. 12 3 4 5 6